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About Us


The Chinese School Association of the United States (CSAUS) was founded in 1994.  It is a national non-profit of Chinese language education in the United States of America.  The mission of the organization is to maximize cooperation and exchange between all Chinese schools in the nation, promote the Chinese language and culture education in the United States and contribute to the overall China-America cultural exchange and cooperation.

With the mission in mind, CSAUS led by her Board of Directors have been working diligently on the following, 

  • promoting development and improvement in the Chinese language educational frameworks and systems, 
  • coordinating knowledge and resources in the Chinese language and culture education nationwide,
  • providing support and platforms for teaching staff and school management to exchange and learn from each other, enhancing educational training and innovation and improving learning materials, 
  • and finally providing support in terms of knowledge, technology as well as human resources.  

By doing all that stated above, the CSAUS is able to help promote the long-term and positive development of the Chinese language and culture education in the U.S.  Not only that, but it also contributes to the overall cultural exchange and cooperation between China and United States and impacts positively on the harmonious relationship between the two countries.  Like many other well-reputed cultural and educational organizations, the influence of the CSAUS and the role the organization plays in the field are significant and far-reaching since it was founded.


Members and Collaborators

The CSAUS is composed of over 450 Chinese schools in over 50 major or medium-size cities in the United States. There are over 100,000 students and over 8,000 teachers at these member schools.  Thousands of families of Chinese immigrants has been impacted by the service provided by the organization and its member schools over the years and the influence of the organization is tremendous. The fact that all member schools provide relatively stable course offerings at stable locations provides not only a social and communicative setting for Chinese immigrants and visitors, but also attracts more and more non-inherit age population to Chinese language and culture learning/education.  The Organization promotes active engagement in various mainstream cultural events and activities by its member schools.  As the largest Grass-root organization for Chinese Americans, CSAUS has been playing an important role in uniting Chinese Americans, disseminating Chinese culture and promoting China-US friendship.

Since its establishment in 1994, CSAUS has been effectively promoting operational coordination and exchange between its member schools.  The Organization not only has been maintaining close contact with major Chinese language educational organizations in China, but also keeping a strong cooperative relationship with similar organizations in the U.S. Such efforts have strengthened the merging force of the Chinese community into the mainstream culture.  In the meanwhile, it has contributed to the increasing interest in Chinese language in both Chinese communities but also in the overall mainstream culture.

CSAUS has been well-known and greatly supported by various organizations in both China and United States due to the fact that the Organization with its member schools has solid population base, multi-facet social impact as well as the growth potential.  CSAUS sincerely hope to maintain such strength and keep up the cooperation between various organizations to continue its promotion of Chinese culture in the U.S.

CSAUS bylaws require that the Organization hosts a member conference every other year to keep the dialogue going and maintain active representation.  Member schools will vote for the new board of directors.  CSAUS has received tremendous support from various organizations and governmental offices.  Officials from the Overseas Chinese Office under the Chinese Internal Affairs Ministry and other Chinese language educational organizations, Officials from the Chinese Counsels, and last but not least, Congressmen and Congresswomen and their representatives of the United States have attended the conference and showed their support.  All board members, including President and Vice President and their staff of the CSAUS are volunteers.  They dedicate their time, expertise and skills to help promote the Chinese language education and have by far achieved what the Organization visioned to achieve.

Honorary President: Antony Ni, Jianjun Wang, Grace Li, Jeff L. Zheng, Norman Ho, Jason Ma, Frank Lee, Nianfa Tang, Kay Q. Liao, Mary Z. Shuai, Xingyu Zhang, Shen Liu, Lorna Xing

For more information, please visit the CSAUS website at: